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Thank you for visiting THE International, Paperless Office System for BUS OPERATORS.

This Fully functional Office System has been developed for ALL Transport operators
to replace the use of spreadsheets and paper. Access to your office by Smartphone is provided.

A DEMO system is provided to gain an overview of the power of QuickBusOffice (QBO) and
by Registering you will be provided with a fully functional Office of your own to
start using QBO with a 90 day FREE TRIAL period. When satisfied with your System a
payment of $50 per month will secure ongoing use plus the ability to download your own
Data BackUps. Just Register (see below) and we will contact you. ---

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The QuickBus Route Calculator:


Provides for Route displays on Drivers SmartPhone.
The additional option for Drivers SmartPhones may require customing.
The ITINERARY TABLES that are loaded into Bookings, structured using the Planning Sheet Facility of QuickBus, are available as part of the RUNSHEETS which can be called up by drivers on their Smartphones. This facility is a special App which can be integrated into the GPS of specific Smartphones to provide the driver with driving instructions and the MAP.

QuickBus Link Option :

Manages QuickBus Business Links and Ticketing.
Customer Tour Image

These facilities require Custom Code.

a) Caters for other Businesses that are on Quickbus and allows the sharing of resources ( buses and / or drivers ) and b) Caters for WebSites that list a selection of Tours on their home website and links directly into your site to make Bookings on these trips. Includes ticketing.

Loading Your Data:

Getting Started with your 60 day FREE TRIAL after Registering :

This is an example of the Daily Diary/WorkSheet created from YOUR DATA
Impala can load all your business information into your Quickbus OFFICE to have you up and running in a matter of days.

About QuickBusOffice :


The system was started in 2001 as an Inhouse Computer System to provide up-to-date information to the Operations Department of a Bus Company in the form of a DailyDiary. This enabled rapid and accurate resolution for the many situations which arise. Particularly with School Routes. QuickBus developed from that system to provide a PAPERLESS OFFICE solution which included the recording of Bookings for Tours, Charters and similar. By disciplining the information gathered QuickBus provides a VERY POWERFUL DailyDiary for Daily Operations as well as Customer Accounting and all required DOCUMENTATION for the OFFICE.

Hard copy is not necessary but can be requested. The system can be operated and referenced via a SmartPhone, Tablet or NoteBook or any device which can run a browser connected to the Internet.

A completely NEW event driven system is under development. QB2 will be available for beta testing by users in mid 2022.

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About RRR :

DOGs are Mans Best Friend

Armageddon is now! It is happening and as things are going at this time the score is not in mankind's favour. Right NOW Covid-19 is winning as in India (Apr, 2021)
Jude Hope decided to try and identify the PROBLEMS that face mankind AND then try to make suggestions to resolve these problems. Maybe resolve is not possible in this day and age so then we must try to lessen their effect. Water them down so that the impact ON THE PLANET is reduced. Possibly even to the extent that nature could find solutions to providing the necessary balance in the long run.
One of the major problems that Jude identified was The LAW. And one of the solutions associated with this problem required that Judges and Magistrates should be more empowered to do what they have been trained to do. Judge and apply punishment as necessary. However this raises the question of which moral or ethical code should a judge (or magistrate or other official) use in making such a judgement. The answer is COMMON SENSE.
The issue then becomes what is COMMON SENSE and all the research that Jude did on this issue pointed to the fact that COMMON SENSE was a subjective opinion. This meant that Judges would have no choice other than resort to their own religious, moral and or ethical beliefs. This removes objectivity and results in subjective decisions which will depend on the PERSONAL morals / ethics of that Judge.
IS THERE A SOLUTION ? Jude believes that he has found one !

TheCode --
Respect before Responsibility before Rights

Jude has made an attempt to put all his thoughts into a web Blogg with the help of Impala Systems. He hopes that he will attract intelligent and meaningful dialog on these thoughts so that he can piece together constructive suggestions to the PROBLEMS he has identified.

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For ANY further information. Comments are MOST Welcome.

eMail to: jude.hope at optusnet dot com dot au